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Terms & conditions

1 – MONTECRISTO VILLA IBIZA: A property represented by Don Juan Antonio Serra Ferrer 41448474J DNI.

2 – PRICES: The price of rent is fixed according to the number of places , features and equipment leased property .

Formalizing reserve a number of places by beds than they escalate equipped property , provided that the characteristics of the property and the law applicable to the case permits, will entail the payment of a fee for each extra bed.

3 – EXECUTION OF RESERVES: Villa Rural MonteCristo sent by fax or email to those interested in formalizing lease properties on offer, a copy of the lease, together with the general conditions. Since then the applicant has a period of 3 to 7 days maximum ( depending on dates booked and / or the conditions for each house ) to proceed to confirm your reservation by sending the following system by fax or email to Villa Bed MonteCristo the following documentation:

a) Receipt , date and expressive bank, certifying income in the current account of Villa Rural MonteCristo or either the current account of the property owner as appropriate, 30% or 40 % ( depending on the case ) the amount total reservation to enter the reserve .

b ) Lease Agreement signed

c ) Copy of DNI / CIF

It formalized the reservation , Villa Rural MonteCristo proceed to confirmation by FAX OR EMAIL, when the booking is considered firm and will apply if the prejudices of the condition 13 in cancellation fees …

(* ) Except for last minute bookings ( the consideration shall be given with less than TWO WEEKS in advance) in the period of the booking confirmation will be TWO DAYS.

3.1 – MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: The Tenant agrees at all times to respect the maximum number of occupants that accepts the house and / or the exact number of people with the reservation is made ??, so that in no case increase its stipulated number . Otherwise it will be considered as breach of contract and Villa Rural MonteCristo take other measures as an extra charge , which can lead to loss of deposit and / or directly to the disposal of the property. Any additional person occupying the rental property can result in the loss of the deposit , only the number of persons mentioned above in the first part of the contract are accepted as part of the rental pool .

4 – BOND: The lessee is liable for any damage and / or damage that may occur in leased by itself or its visitors and is obliged to take care of the whole leased , as well as to inform Villa Rural MonteCristo any damage or damage whatever their origin.

A key delivery , the tenant shall deliver cash money to Villa Rural MonteCristo as a deposit an amount to be determined in each case according to the characteristics, features and status of the leased property, which will answer the proper maintenance and use , maintenance, repair , replacement and cleaning of the leased property in its broadest sense , as it is incidental to and / or dependent.

The client has a term of 48 HOURS to ascertain the condition of the leased premises and to inform Villa Rural MonteCristo the existence of any defect or damage to the customer outside the home . This deposit will be returned by Villa Rural MonteCristo once the property has been inspected and verified that everything has been sorted at the correct house was delivered to the lessee. This is responsible for any damage or loss caused to the property and its contents during your occupation and for payment of compensation.

5 – HOURS AND OUT: The lease will run from the first day of the lease from 15:00 or 16:00 until 10:00 or 10:30 am (as appropriate in each house ) last day stay, they will be reimbursed the keys to Villa Rural MonteCristo . To ensure the service is essential to fill in the hours and arrival systems contained in the form.

6 – Rural Villa MonteCristo and the owner assumes no responsibility for injuries or death of persons or property leased guests on site . Villa Rural MonteCristo and the owner will not be liable for any loss , breach or delay beyond our reasonable control, including , but not even that limited to acts of God, explosion, flood , tempest, fire or accident , war or threat of war civil disturbance, acts, restrictions, regulations , by-laws or measures of any kind from the government or local authority , strikes , blockades or other industrial actions or disputes , and adverse weather conditions. In such a case shall be entitled to treat the contract as discharged. In the event that fall on our liability shall be limited to the refund of the amounts paid in respect of the unused portion of the rent calculated on a daily pro rata basis.

Villa Rural MonteCristo nor the owner , not made responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment and lack of public services such as water, electricity and gas. Or any water well that feeds the rent. The owner or Villa Rural MonteCristo not be held responsible for any inconvenience origin beyond the limits of the rental property or anything beyond our control. Although we will always be happy to provide as much help as we can to solve any problem or disturbance .

7 – Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, especially around the pool.

8 – Rural Villa MonteCristo and the owner informs the lessee to purchase some travel insurance to protect themselves and their valuables. Villa Rural MonteCristo and the owner assumes no responsibility for valuables tenant / client. They must be careful to protect all your valuables , as the property insurance does not protect your valuables , not those who are in the safe of the property if there is one.

9 – Pets are not allowed in the leased without written permission of the property owner.

10 – Yes all the pictures you see and read the descriptions you are essentially correct , we can not accept responsibility for errors and small differences in photographs / illustrations / text used and which may arise in real property. The owner reserves the right to make changes in some specifications of the property it deems necessary with respect to the requirements of better performance. In order to keep improving, the owner reserves the right to change the furniture, accessories, services , facilities or any activities , either available or announced before, without notice.

11 – It is the policy of Monte Cristo Cottage and Villa owner, not to allow social events and other functions on the property (eg weddings, receptions , cocktail parties, large parties to cause a nuisance to neighbors and property) , without prior consent. Permission is required for any event in which more than twice the number of people living in the rental property is attending . If permission is granted an additional charge may be billed. The violation of this will be considered as breach of contract and may lead to loss of the deposit and the immediate departure of the rented property without compensation . The Spanish laws prohibit music or any other noise or sound after 24hrs .

12 – OTHER EXPENSES: Expenses incurred by the tenant as a result of water supply , gas and electricity shall be included in the price , unless otherwise indicated . Not so the heating , telephone or other . Anyway Villa Rural MonteCristo communicate the estimated amount to be paid for such items the tenant prior to the departure of the lease , subject to further quantification character.

13 – CANCELLATIONS: Yes after confirming your reservation, you want to change it , we will try to adapt to these changes , although it is not always possible. If you cancel your booking , we will put all our reasonable efforts to assign ownership to another booking for the same rental period and to return your money. However, it may be that we can only assign ownership to another reservation for only a portion of the rental period or we can not assign ownership to another booking , so in these cases you will be responsible for the total rental price.

The tenant / customer may at any time terminate this lease, to which should be paid with Villa Rural MonteCristo cancellation charges that will apply on the total amount of rent originally agreed , shall be quantified according to the following vaharemos :






14 – DEFAULT AND ABANDONMENT: In the event of claim by the customer Villa Rural MonteCristo landlords provide accurate data to formulate the corresponding claim.

Originally lease , abandonment or waiver of the property leased by the customer without just cause justified determines the extinction of any right of redemption.

15 – CHANGES IN RESERVES BY COMPANY: Villa Rural MonteCristo reserves the right to substitute the property reserved by the customer for other similar alternative in terms of features and location, in cases of emergency or when through no fault of their will could not take place the lease on the property booked.

16.-SUMISIÓN JURISDICTION: For any discrepancy that may arise between the parties concerning the interpretation and / or fulfillment of this contract, the parties hereby expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza .

Another option to make your reservation is directly contacting us via our book form.